Keyhole Interiors is an interior design studio based in the heart of Lancashire. Working across the North of UK, mainly in Lancashire, the Lake District, Cumbria (including the Windermere, Kendal, Ambleside and Keswick area), the Ribble Valley, Manchester and Cheshire. We specialise in residential and commercial projects, including restaurants, inns and B&B’s. Our love for interiors and architecture is what makes us extremely passionate about each and every project we work on.

We believe that creativity, attention to detail and communication are essential in bringing client’s vision to life and in creating beautiful, unique and functional spaces. Our style celebrates British architecture and the individual character of every building. Combining these features with our client’s vision ensures that the final scheme is consistent, practical and whole.


Our involvement in each project varies depending on your needs and requirements. To guarantee that we provide the most efficient service and the best experience while working with us, we create a bespoke package tailored to your specific needs. Whether it is your home or business, we will guide you through the design process and aim to make it as transparent and stress-free as possible.

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Each project we work on is special and very different from the rest. We are proud to have worked on some beautiful properties both in the residential and commercial sector, from one bedroom apartments to full Georgian renovations and quaint farm houses.

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5 Wallpaper Brands You Might Want To Know About

Wallpaper is a little bit like Marmite; some people really love it and others would sooner chop off a finger than hang a strip on their wall. I, for one, love Marmite and I also love wallpapers. If you would've asked me this question 10 years ago the answer would have been very different. Whenever the word 'wallpaper' was uttered, I imagined feature walls and chimney breasts wrapped in mirror-effect shiny silver paper.

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You don’t ‘want’ a designer – but maybe you need one?

I didn't want to write a blog about all the reasons why you should hire an interior designer because: a. if you are here that means you probably already have a good idea about the benefits of hiring one and b. there is already a multitude of articles zooming around the internet explaining all these benefits and chances are you've read one of them. But I do want to write one about why you needn't feel like you shouldn’t hire a designer. 

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Design Inspiration: The Eaglemont House by Kennedy Nolan

Inspiration comes in many shapes or forms and one thing I really enjoy doing is accidentally coming across other people's work from all over the world. Internet is like a 24/7 open gallery we can all access and some of the world's finest architects and designers are a click of a button away. There are specific projects and professionals who shaped my career and style and who inspire me to this day - and I want to show you some of them so that you can enjoy them as much as I do!

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