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During the lockdown we are spending all of our time in our homes. And staring at the same walls every day will inevitably make you think about what you can do to improve your house, to make it more comfortable, to make it just right for you and your family.

And we think we can help you! We might not be able to come round and have a chat about your ideas while having a brew, but we still wanted to offer our assistance with your design dilemmas.

All e-design (or remote design) services start with us sending you a quick questionnaire to fill out. This will give us an idea of your style, your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle and what you are hoping to achieve in the chosen area. Once we’ve had a good look at your answers, we will book in a phone or video consultation (of your choosing) where we can go through everything together and we can get to know each other. This might not seem like a necessary step but here at Keyhole Interiors, we strongly believe in that personal touch and communication we are known for!

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If you want to make a start on your favourite room in the house, the Basic package is just for you! You will receive enough information and help to start from fresh and put your own stamp onto the space.

– video or phone consultation
– room layout checklist
– to-scale furniture room layout
– 1x design moodboard
– shopping list for all major items (1 option for each)
+ optional rendered floorplan @ £80
Cost: £365
Includes 1x round of edits

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The premium package is perfect for those who are wanting a noticeable change and would like to strip a room back to it’s bones and start from the beginning! It comes with extra support through visuals and a big shopping list so that you achieve a cohesive, flowing space.

– basic package PLUS
– 1x room visual (rendered room view)
– detailed styling advice
– shopping list for small accessories (up to 15 items)
– 1x extra round of edits
Cost: £545
Includes 2x round of edits

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Starting a renovation, no matter how big or small, should be an exciting and big thing. It should include going to shops, touching fabrics, staring at wallpaper options and picking out the right furniture. COVID-19 has put a temporary stop to most of the things we enjoy, so we wanted to give you at least one experience you can still enjoy. The ‘Room in a Box’ is something you can treat yourself to – a full design package you can go through, touch and keep, all delivered to your door.

– video or phone consultation
– secret Pinterest board
– project checklist
– technical floorplan with furniture layout
– 1x design moodboard
– shopping list for main items and up to 15 small accessories
– 1x rendered floorplan
– 1x room visual
– physical sample box sent directly to you
Cost: £695
Includes 1x round of edits

If you loved what we did on your chosen room and you have decided you would like to carry on working with us on, we will deduct 50% of your first room package from your next quote.

If your project includes 3+ rooms and you haven’t yet purchased any of our e-design packages, please reach out to us for a bespoke quote.

Please note, during the COVID-19 crisis we will only be conducting video and phone consultations.

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