About Keyhole Interiors

‘I grew up within a creative family where music, literature and architecture played central roles. My stepfather being an architect, I was constantly surrounded by design and architecture magazines and books. On top of this, my mum loved changing the way the house looked and so redecorating became a regular thing.

As a child, I found this all wonderfully exciting and I suppose it really isn’t any surprise that this excitement translated itself into a passion for the way our built world looks now I’m an adult.

Outside my home was the beautiful scenery of Transylvania, and I think this is why the influence of nature has such a profound impact on the way I design interiors.

Most of us spend 80% of our lives inside buildings; I think this makes it more than a little worthwhile to invest time and thought into how our buildings function and look. I believe this is equally as important for domestic and commercial buildings, after all, our time is spread across both types of environment.

I am fortunate enough to love what I do; every building is different, they all have their nooks and crannies and the uses to which their owners want to put them to is just as diverse. I’m invited to help shape the way buildings and their occupants will work together and along the way I get to witness some amazing craftsmanship from all the people who will make it happen.

After moving to the UK, I studied interior design with the National Design Academy and Staffordshire University with a particular specialism in Retail Design. Before establishing Keyhole Interiors, I started my career at an inspiring and successful interior design studio, working on a broad range of projects in the residential and commercial sector.’

Melinda Kiss – Creative Director

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