The Rug Know-How

For me, flooring is one of the biggest factors in getting a design scheme right. It can be the starting point of the scheme, it can tie everything together and it's one of those things we instantly see when entering a room because our eyes are naturally drawn to it. Thankfully, wooden flooring is having a huge moment with more and more people choosing to refurbish their old wooden floorboards instead of hiding them under laminate planks.

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In Conversation With: Little Grey Cells

I first came across Jane and Lauren through a friend’s recommendation. ‘Have a look at their Instagram account, you might like it!’, she said, and she was so right.

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Let’s Take This Outside

There is no doubt about it - summer is here (well, whatever summer means in England!).

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Pendant Lights That Won’t Break The Bank

I'm pretty sure picking out #decorativelighting is my absolute favourite part of the design process. My eyes tend to instantly zoom in on #chandeliers and #pendant lights as soon as I walk into a room! I strongly believe that getting the lighting right in a design #scheme is crucial, and that is probably one of the many reasons why fitting out an entire home can get so expensive.

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